Robert August and Mary Osborne refined this surfboard over the course of several years, going through over roughly fifty prototypes before arriving at this world-class design. A subtle rail-to-rail concave beneath the nose reflects Mary's profound aptitude for nose riding. And the full template which flows into a perfectly rounded pintail combines excellent maneuverability with superior wave-catching. All in all, a surfboard that is as pleasing to ride as it is to admire.

(may vary slightly, proportion to length)

  • Length Range: 8'6" to 9'6"
  • Width: 21
  • Nose: 18 1/2
  • Tail: 15


  • Stringers: Single redwood or optional multi-stringer or T-band.
  • Glassing: Regular 8 oz. or Volan.
  • Colors: Colors: Regular clear or airbrushed Mary Osborne graphics. Customer may provide their own fabric inlay. Optional opaque pigments, abstract swirls or resin tints.
  • Fins: Single box removable fin standard. Glassed on fiberglass or inlaid wood fins available.
  • Available in Epoxy construction.

Skill Level
Beginner to Expert

Custom orders require 4- 6 weeks lead time. To check board availability ready for immediate shipping, or for more information and customization options please email
                                      We will respond within 24 hours.

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